The Men of Faith

The book of Hebrews chapter 11 begins with Faith and goes deep into how ordinary men became as the Men of faith.

At times when we read about or think about these people, we just take it normal God was with them and they became men of faith. But in real they were just ordinary men like us, but there was something extraordinary in them that made them historic men of faith. What made then different from the rest in their times?

When I was a child I always felt that, these people were special supernatural beings. They could just do anything. This conception had not changed till the recent past. I am sure many of us grown still have a similar kind of felling when you think about these men.

A detailed study on this topic and through what the holy spirit taught me, made it clear that my conception about these men was totally wrong.

So what made them different ?

A clear answer was revealed to me about this question. What made these people different were the small decisions and bold steps these men took.


Abel is the first person mentioned here. He offered his offering to God with a sincere heart and out of love towards God, and his offering was accepted by the Lord. Cain’s entire attitude was wrong. Later when God ask him about Abel he speaks back arrogantly. He had no honor for God.


Heb 11: 5 we read about Enoch. It says, God did not allow him to die, instead he was carried off to heaven. In the Book of Genesis we find about Enoch and he lived for almost 365 years. The most important aspect mentioned here is that (specifically mentioned) Enoch walked with God. If two people have to walk together they need to have the same understanding, and lot of things in common, and their wave-length should match. Enoch walked with God for whole his life, 365 years. This means that Enoch walked in the same track as God did. He was completely committed to keep himself close to God. He pleased God in everything, his talking matched with God’s, his thinking matched with God thinking. All his personality and nature reflected God, that is the reason they could walk together. Therefore, there was no other choice for God than that he was glorified.

As the church/bridegroom of Christ we are also eagerly waiting for the day of glorification. From Enoch’s life we understand that we have to walk with God, pleasing him and draw ourselves close to Him in order to be glorified. We cannot be glorified until we prepare ourselves and keep us on the right track with God.

The ten virgins were all set to be glorified when Christ comes, but at the exact point of time when Christ came to take away the virgins, five of them were not on the track. All the ten virgins were prepared, all of then had lamps, all of them knew about the groom who is going to come to take them, everything was fine expect that five of them were not at the same appointed place where the groom supposed them to be.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is free for us, salvation is free, his love for us is overflowing but the most important thing is that we have to walk with God in order to be glorified on the day of rapture.

In the book of Revelation 3:18 we read God says I advice you to come to me and buy white clean garments. Everything else was freely given, but we have to pay a price for the garment. It’s for us to buy. Matthew 22:1-14 has the parable in which people were invited for the wedding. When the king went in to meet the guests, he found that one of them wasn’t wearing the right kind of clothes for the wedding. The guest had no excuse. The king gave orders for that person to be tied hand and foot and to be thrown outside into the dark. That’s where people will cry and grit their teeth in pain.

God’s word says be holy for I am holy. Let us now put on the proper garment and be prepared for the day the grooms come to take his bride.

Noah (Heb 11:7)

Noah according to me is one of the greatest men of faith. His faith in God and what he did is something unthinkable and incomparable. The greatest aspect of Noah is not that he prepared the biggest arc, but the greatest aspect is that Noah heard God’s voice that it’s going to rain and flood. And he preached about the coming rain.

Preached about what ?? RAIN – What is rain, the people asked. He sounded stupid. The people had never seen rain, because it had never rained till that time.

These instructions sounded strange to Noah. After all, it never before had rained upon the earth. To make it even more difficult to understand the place where Noah lived did not have any bodies of water large enough to float such a great ship that he had been ordered to build. Nevertheless Noah decided to obey the command of God. He and his sons began to build the ship just as God had instructed, even though no one before ever had seen such a structure.

One part of the story that has always intrigued me is that it had never rained on earth before the flood. That was the reason that people laughed at Noah when he told them that it was going to rain. They had never seen rain before. Every night a heavy mist came up and the streams and creek had a higher tide and that was what watered everything.

The uncompromising Faith in God, and the bold step that he took to follow the advice of God. Noah was not concerned about how he would sound, or what people may think or say, but for him to live was for God.

Abraham (Heb 11:8)

In Genesis 12, God asked Abraham to leave his country, family and fathers house and go to a place, which God would show him. God did not display a map before Abraham and say this is where you are supposed to go and settled, but God just said, ‘Go to the place I am going to show you’. Abraham did not ask which place and the direction neither he thought about the comforts of his family and fathers house or the citizenship of his country, he just took off to the unseen place which God said he would show him.

What a master piece of Faith. Blindly trusting upon what God said. Can we take such a bold decision if God ever asks us to leave all what we have and move to somewhere we have never seen or he has not shown, but promised to show when we move ahead.

The Faith of the other men are also no less, be it Isaac, Joseph, Moses Gideon or anyone else name mentioned in Hebrew ch. 11.

The question is, are you trusting and relying upon God in a manner in which your name will be in this to be continued list of faith.

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