Living in Victory

Quiet often we hear the words, read and hear sermons that say “Christian Life is Victory”. I have heard these words ever since I was a small boy. As I grew up and grew up to be a minister of the gospel, the only message that the Holy Spirit always wanted me to speak was about the Victory through Jesus Christ for every believer. I have been speaking on this particular subject for many years. But it was recently that the Holy Spirit led me into a deeper revelation into this aspect of Christian faith.

In this message I am not touching the basic concepts of what victory is, etc as that would become another large content message.

The Basic Concept of Spiritual Victory

Let me here put the first basic statement that you need to always keep in mind ‘You cannot be victorious until you know that the enemy no longer exists’.

Jesus has defeated the devil and now we have the victory through him. Jesus defeated the devil on the cross. That is a very simple fact, that the devil has been defeated. So the devil or the enemy we know now is a defeated one. Since Jesus has defeated the enemy for you, your enemy no longer exists. This concept of the enemies non existence has to become a part of our thinking process. So we no longer should know about the enemy.. but we know only a defeated enemy.

How do we experience Victory ?

Being a Christian we cannot go from defeat to victory. We cannot go from no where to somewhere. Neither can we go from doubt to faith.
Romans 1:17 says “Righteousness is revealed from faith to faith” From faith to faith, so it has to begin in faith and move on to faith till the end. Similar is the case with Victory. You go from victory to victory. Not from defeat to victory. To attain victory we have to start from victory. We cannot be victorious till we see the devil as victorious. Now to begin in victory we have to be connected to the source of Victory. Our permanent, everlasting eternal source of victory is through Jesus Christ. If we are connected to this source then we are already standing in Victory.

When we hear the stories of the devil and a sense of fear settles in us, that’s the beginning of our fall.

In John 16:33, Jesus says, “ I have conquered the world”
I Cor 15:57, says “ Thanks be to God who has given us the victory.”

If we can read both these verses together, it would sound- ‘I have conquered and given it to you’. That means, the victory that Jesus took on the cross is now our, he has given it to us. His victories are now ours. In Christ we are identified with his victories.

Our Position today

2 Cor 2:14, “He leads us through triumph full procession”.

So right now you are part of a victory procession. The place you are moving right now is a route of the procession of victory. Oh what a joy it is. You may think, Oh is all these troubles, sufferings, isolation, lacking I am going through be a part of Victory. Of course it is. Daniels procession passed through the Lions den, through persecution, till it reached the Ministerial office.

Joseph’s procession passed through the pity, the slave traders, through bondage, on to prison and Potheper’s house until it reached the Prime Ministers office of Egypt.

You are right now passing for a visible form of Victory through what you are going right now.

Where is your enemy, the devil ?

Jesus defeated the devil on the cross. This word ‘defeated’ has various variants in different translations. In some places we can replaces defeated with ‘made powerless’, ‘made of no use’, ‘ineffective’, ‘value of Zero’

So that means the devil today is powerless, of no use, ineffective, and is value is equal to zero.

In Luke 10:17,18, Jesus has given us the authority to trample over snakes or scorpions. So let me ask you this question, where is the devil now or where did Jesus position him ? The answer is “Under your feet” Don’t let him climb your door steps, don’t let him run over your head, don’t let him be on your shoulder and speaking into your ears.dont let him be anywhere else other than under your feet. That’s all where he is meant to be. That’s his position.

Let the devil know that you know that he is useless, powerless and his value is zero. The devil needs to be reminded this every time, because he has lost his senses and has a memory issue. Letting him know about it helps him to keep away from messing with you. Let him not give you any suggestions regarding what you are going through. Start feeling, imagining and speaking VICTORIOUS. You are More than a CONQUERER. The value of your enemy is a big ‘0’. The only value he has in your life is the grade that you have given to him. He falsely tries to get value in your life. But remind him his value.

When he messes with you, or tells words of discomfort and discouragement and fear, tell him to mind his business, because you do not require his advice. “You are already Victorious.”

How to deal with Him

Other than the above mentioned, James 4:7 says, “submit to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you” When you submit to God, and resist the devil, you would see him fleeing, not walking away. He wont dare be around you any longer. My friend, YOU ARE A VICTORY STORY.


Enjoy Your Victory !!!! Be Blessed

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