If u have a Vision; you have a enemy

(Pastor  Jim’s message at Global Harvest Church March 9 200 8)

In Gen 37: 5 God gives a dream to Joseph and we read his brother hated him for that. They did not like the very fact that God gave a dream and had a plan for their very own brother. May be it was due to jealousy or hatred or arrogance toward Joseph or towards God himself.

V. 10 His father also rebuked him for sharing the dream. His family was much important for him that Joseph dream or for God’s plan for his son.

Later we see that he went to ask about their well being but his brother’s planned to kill him. He wanted to do good but they had other plans and selfish agendas and motives.

They put his into a well….. They sold him as a slave for 20 silver coins. That was the value of their own brother. With that earning they wanted to end that chapter. They understood that 20 silver coins would be the end of Josephs dream. One thing they did not know was that “heaven and earth shall pass away, but the God’s word will not fail and it will come to pass”.

Even when all this things happened Joseph was holding firmly to his dream. Holding on to his calling, holding on to what God has shown him.

Brothers and Sisters, in the midst of difficulties, persecutions, hardships, trials do not forget your dream, do not forget the promise of God has for you.

Gen 45: 5 “God sent me before to preserve life…….”

The trials difficulties, persecutions, hardships we are going through right now is to preserve lives. For our own good and blessing.

Gen 50: 20 “You meant evil for me, but God meant it for good.”

In the beginning there was darkness and it was void, but God said let there be light. And there was light…  If someone is plotting a evil plan against you Your God will command that darkness to turn into light

You made me a slave, but God made me the Prime Minister”

What people plotted against you, what they spoke against you, what they planned and proposed against you, God will turn it into GOOD.

God uses all things to fulfill his purpose and even uses evil for his Glory and for our good.

Romans 8: 28” All things work for good to them who love the LORD and are called according to His purpose.

Prov 16: 4 The Lord has made everything for its purpose, even the wicked for the day of trouble.

He prepares a table for you in the midst of your enemies. This is why David can boldly sing and rejoice.

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want…………………….

Let it become our song this day, let our mournings turn into rejoicing, for the…….The Lord is my shepherd and I shall now want……..

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